News and concerts known to the composer

January 3rd: Vajra, a new work for solo harpsichord, written for Kristian Nyquist, has just been published by Composers Edition.

January 7th: Athena. Carl Loewe Haus, Löbejün, Germany.  Heloise Ph. Palmer (piano).

January 20th: Athena. Satyagraha Zentrum, Stuttgart, Germany.  Heloise Ph. Palmer (piano).

April 15th: Sounding the Day. Laura Bareiß, Rübgarten-Reutlingen, Germany.

April 22nd: Sounding the Day. Anna-Luisa Kächele, Schondorf, Germany.

April 21st: Almost Midnight, To The Night 1, To The Night 2. Salotto Musicale, Fagagna, Italy. 9pm. Agnese Toniutti (piano).

April:  CD recording of Three Imagery Landscapes by the Hayashizaki-Hagemann Piano Duo for the Musica Nova CD.

May 12th: Sounding the Day. Daniel Müller, Jungingen-Ulm, Germany.

May 17th: Sounding the Day. Elena Semikolennykh, Stuttgart, Germany.

May 19th: Sounding the Day. Jana Puresic, Belgrade, Serbia.

May 17th: Woanders. Soundscape Pädagogisches Fachseminar, Karlsruhe, Germany. Heloise Ph. Palmer (piano), John Palmer (electronics)

May 23rd: Sounding the Day. Kathrin Eberitzsch, Munich, Germany.

May 25th: Sounding the Day. Shu-ja Tu, Stuttgart, Germany.

June 9th: Sounding the Day. Jonathan Frey, Neu-Ulm/Finningen, Germany.

July 21st: Sounding the Day. Jörg Hoffmann, Stuttgart, Germany.

August 2nd: Three Haikus. World Shakuhachi Festival, Deptford Town Hall, Goldsmiths, London, UK. Jean-Francois Lagrost (shakuhachi).

August 31st: Three Imaginary Dialogues. Festival Piano Duo, Eglise Montjoi, 8pm, France, Piano Duo Hayashikazi-Hagemann.

September 1st: Three Imaginary Dialogues. Festival Piano Duo, Eglise St. Pierre, Auvillar, 8pm, France, Piano Duo Hayashikazi-Hagemann.

September 16th: Somewhere (world premiere), for a singing cellist. Ludwisburg Castle, Haakestiftung Konzert, Ludwigsburg, Germany. Delphine Henriet (cello and voice).