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Takao Hyakutome Dots/Lines

new CD recording of without (for violin)

New CD DOTS/LINES by violinist Takao Hyakutome including without  (2004). The CD has been released on the TAKUSAPPO label and can be ordered on the Takao Hyakutome’s website.

NEW WORKS: Double Concerto for violin, cello and orchestra; Alba for piano, violin, viola and cello; Conditional Action for two flutes.

The new score of Concertino is now available from Composers Edition.


January 29th: almost midnight, midnight doesn’t BE, to the night (1), to the night (2) (from musica reservata). Il Salotto Musicale, Fagagna (UD), Italy. Agnese Toniutti (piano).

February 25th: sounding the day. Anna-Lea Rebholz. Puch bei Hallein, Salzburg, Austria.

March 15th: sounding the day. Lea Ray. Laupheim, Germany.

April 2th: sounding the day. Anna-Lena Bach. Stuttgart, Germany.

April 9th: sounding the day. Jonathan Ferber, Laura Anders. Stuttgart, Germany.

April 15th: rhythm to go. Kammermusiksaal, University of Music, Stuttgart, Germany. Students ensemble.

April 15th: nowhere to hide (wp). Kammermusiksaal, University of Music, Stuttgart, Germany. Anna-Lea Rebholz (viola).

April 16th: sounding the day. Sören Gieseler. Stuttgart, Germany.

April 16th: sounding the day. Laurenz Laugut. Basel, Switzerland.

May 1th: se potessi. Tempelgesellschaft, Stuttgart, Germany, 5.00pm. Heloise Ph. Palmer (piano).

May 11th: se potessi. Begegnungsstätte am Lindenbachsee, Stuttgart, Germany. Heloise Ph. Palmer (piano).

May 14th: se potessi. Sala Edgar, Il Salotto Musicale, Fagagna (UD), Italy, 9pm. Heloise Ph. Palmer (piano).

May 17th: sounding the day. Julia Trintschuk. Gorizia, Italy.

May 28th: sounding the day. Viola Evers. Stuttgart, Germany.

May 29th: conditional action (wp). Festival Risuonanze 2016, Tricesimo (UD), Italy. Fosca Briante, Tiziano Cantoni (flutes).

June 4th: sounding the day. Jailin Liu. Stuttgart, Germany.

June 6th: se potessi. Haus der Begegnung, Leonberg, Germany, 7.30pm. Heloise Ph. Palmer (piano).

June 25th: trans-solo 4. Hock am Turm Festival, Stuttgart, Germany. Laurens Gutjahr (cello).

August 19th: trans-solo 5. Organovino IX 2016, Berlin, Germany. Klaus Schöpp (flute).

Sept 25th: satori. Evangelische Kirche, Karlsruhe-Grötzingen, Germany, 7pm, Kristian Nyquist (harpsichord).

Sept 29th: three imaginary dialogues. Spendhaus, “Bild des Monats“, 6pm, Reutlingen, Germany, Piano Duo Hayashikazi-Hagemann.

Oct 25th: alba (wp). Unerhörte Musik, BKA, Berlin, Germany. Modern Art Ensemble.

Nov 6th: blurring definitions (wp). ORF Landesfunkhaus, Dorbirn, Austria, 11am. Ensemble Plus.

Nov 9th: woanders (wp). Arena Festival 2016, Latvian Society Golden Hall, Riga, Latvia, 6.30pm. Heloise Ph. Palmer (piano), Kaspars Kalnin (electronics).

Nov 18th: woanders. Kirche am Ölberg, Berlin, Germany. Heloise Ph. Palmer (piano), John Palmer (electronics).

Nov 19th: woanders. Pulsnitz Schloss, Pulsnitz, Germany, 7pm. Heloise Ph. Palmer (piano), John Palmer (electronics).

Nov 20th: woanders. Halle (Saale), Germany. Heloise Ph. Palmer (piano), John Palmer (electronics).

Nov 26th: woanders. Kammermusiksaal, Querfurt, Germany. Heloise Ph. Palmer (piano), John Palmer (electronics).

Nov 26th: sounding the day. Ana Sofia Maia. Stuttgart, Germany.

Nov 27th: woanders. Loewehaus, Löbejün, Germany. Heloise Ph. Palmer (piano), John Palmer (electronics).

Dec 3rd: sounding the day. Tingting Pang. Stuttgart, Germany.

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