Writings on John Palmer (including interviews)

John Palmer interview. By Christian Morris, in Composition Today, 24th April 2014.

Breathing Silence. An interview with John Palmer. By Cristina Scuderi, 2011. Published in Musica/Tecnologia Journal, Vol. 5, 2011, by Firenze University Press. ISSN 1974-0042.

Inwards. CD booklet by Simon Emmerson (2009).

Nowhere. Part of the PhD Thesis by Zoltan Kovacs at the Music Academy of Lodz, Poland.

Koan, still, satori. CD booklet by Peter Burt (2003).

Intervista a John Palmer. By Lia De Pra Cavalleri. Published in “Verifiche” on 2.4.2003. Swiss Journal of culture and politics in education (www.castalia.ch/verifiche).

John Palmer’s “Drang”: A Methodic Analysis of Performance Techniques with Commentary. MA dissertation by Sergej Tchirkov, State Conservatory of Music Rimsky-Korsakov, St. Petersburg, Russia, 1995.

The Ambiguity of Sounds. The composer and pianist John Palmer. By Christian Peter Meier. Published in Luzerner Zeitung, Switzerland, on 25.1.1993.

Writings by John Palmer 1 – books

“Mortuos Plango, Vivos Voco by Jonathan Harvey. An aural score with analysis and discussion” published by Vision Edition. 2018. Part 1: Analysis and discussion (book)  ISBN 978-0-9931761-3-5; Part 2: An aural score ISMN979-0-9002315-4-3; Part 3: A workscore ISMN 979-0-9002315-5-0.

ConversationsVision Edition 003-MC. 2015. ISBN 978-0-9931761-0-4.

Rhythm to go, Vision Edition 002-MP. 2013. Second edition 2014. ISMN 979-0-9002315-1-2. 2017 (4th edition).

Jonathan Harvey’s Bhakti for Chamber Ensemble and Electronics: Serialism, Electronics and Spirituality. Edwin Mellen Press, USA, 2001. ISBN 0-7734-7436-6.

Integrating Skills Development with Academic Content in Higher Education. With Honeybone A., Blumhof J., Hall M.. A guide to the work of the Hertfordshire Integrated Learning Project, Hatfield, University of Hertfordshire, UK, 2001.

Formal Strategies in Composition
PhD Thesis, City University, London, 1994.

work in progress: Images of the mind (an investigation of psychoacoustic aspects in composition).

Writings by John Palmer 2 – articles & papers

Nachklang – thoughts on ‘without’, the Japanese ma and silence (2006). Published in the 2006 Heidelberg Biennale festival booklet.

Tra melodia, parola e oltre (2006). Published in “Leopoldo Verona: Compagni di bellezza”, Biblioteca Statale di Cremona, April 2006. Edited by L. De Pra Cavalleri.

The lesson of freedom: Remembering Luc Ferrari (2005). Published in “Soundscape – The Journal of Acoustic Ecology”, Vol. 6, No. 1, Spring/Summer 2005. ISSN 1607-3304.

Which Global Music? (1999). Paper given at the 1999 Klangart Congress, Osnabrueck, Germany, June 1999. Published in “Musik und Neue Technologie 4” (edited by Bernd Enders), Universitätsverlag Rasch, Osnabrück, 2002.

Harmonic Gestalt as timbre in Harvey’s ‘Bhakti’ (1998). Published in ’20th Century Music’, USA, December 1998.

An Introduction to Harvey’s ‘Bhakti’ (1998). Published in ’20th Century Music’, USA, November 1998.

Perceptual Abstraction and Electroacoustic Composition (1998). Paper given at the 1998 Seamus Conference, Dartmouth College, NH, USA, 16-18 April 1998 (1997-98). Published in the Seamus Journal, USA, Vol. XIII, No. 2, Fall 1998.

Conceptual models of interaction: towards a perceptual analysis of interactive composition (1997-8). Paper given at the 1997 Sonic Arts Network Conference, University of Birmingham, UK, January 1998. Published in the Seamus Journal, USA, Vol. XIV no. 1, Summer 1999.

Towards a Research Culture in Music (1997). Faculty of Computer Science Journal, University of Hertfordshire, UK, 1997.

Listening: towards a new awareness of a neglected skill (1997). Paper for the Stockholm Hey Listen! International Conference on Acoustic Ecology, 9-13 June 1998. Published by the Royal Swedish Academy of Music, June 1998.

Towards a Research Culture in Music (1997). Faculty of Computer Science Journal, University of Hertfordshire, UK, 1997.

Introduction to ‘Images of the mind’ (1997).Paper given at the 1997 KlangArt International Congress ‘New Music & Technology’ in Osnabrück, Germany. Published in ‘Musik und Neue Technologie 3, Musik im virtuellen Raum’ (edited by Bernd Enders), Universitätsverlag Rasch, Osnabrück (2000). ISBN 3-934005-64-0.

Why Listening Skills? (1996).Published by the HILP Project, University of Hertfordshire, Graduate Skills Folder, 1998.

Inquest of Love: the ‘redemptive’ Spirit of Art (1996). Published in ‘20th Century Music’, USA, 1996.

Compendium of basic acoustics (1996).Internal publication for the Music Department, Faculty of Computer Science, Hatfield, University of Hertfordshire, UK, 1996.

An Overview of Schenkerian Analysis (1994). Article written for the MA Course at the University of Bristol, UK, 1994.
writings by John Palmer 3 – interviews (1996-2008)

A retrospective on the music of Haubenstock-Ramati. Interview with Carol Morgan
(1996). Published in ‘Living Music’, winter issue 1998, USA, and in ‘Avant’ Journal of Contemporary Music, UK, winter & spring issues, 1998.

Encounter with Daniel Teruggi and the GRM in Paris (1997). Published in ’20th Century Music’, USA, September 1998, and in the ‘Sonic Arts Journal’, March 1999.

Conversation with Jonathan Harvey (1997). Published in ’20th Century Music’, USA, August 1998, and in the SAN Journal of Electroacoustic Music, Vol. 13, September 2000, ISSN 1355 7726.

Encounter with Nuria Schönberg-Nono (1999). Published in “Conversations”, 2015 (see writings by John Palmer 1 – books).

John Palmer in conversation with Vinko Globokar (1999). Published in ‘Avant’, UK. Issue 21, Spring 2002. ISSN 1369-2631.

Conversation with Luc Ferrari (1999). Published in ’20th Century Music’, USA, December 1999 and in SAN Journal of Electroacoustic Music, Vol. 13, September 2000, ISSN 1355 7726.

The Electronic Studio of the Technical University, Berlin. Interview with Folkmar Hein (2000). Published in ‘Mitteilungen’, vol. 41, Dec. 2001, Pfau Verlag, ISSN 1435-5884 (in German).

Lawrence Casserley at 60 – In conversation with John Palmer (2001). Published in ‘Avant’, UK. Issue 21, Spring 2002. ISSN 1369-2631.

High Spirits with Jonty Harrison (2002). Published in ’21st Century Music’, USA, Volume 9, Number 1, January 2002.

Interview with Simon Emmerson (2008). Published in ‘Tempo’, UK, January 2009.

Lo Studio Elettronico dell’Universita’ Tecnica di Berlino. Intervista con Folkmar Hein. Published in ‘Le Arti del Suono’, vol. 1, 2009, Edizioni Orizzonti Meridionali, ISBN 978-88-89064-75-7 (in Italian).

Radio and Television Interviews with John Palmer

Interview on 2nd string quartet (dream). ORF Austrian Radio (in German). Broadcast in Austria in August 1996.

John Palmer interviewed by Richard Polfreman. Commissioned by Electroshock, Moscow. Broadcast on Russian Television by Artemiy Artemiev, Electroshock Music, Moscow in 1997 (in English).

Interview on ‘drang’ for solo accordion.  Liberty Radio, St. Petersburg, Russia. 1st January 2001 (in English).

Interview at the Latvian national radio, Riga, Latvia. 27th October 2007.

Interpretin trifft Urheber (The Interpreter meets the Author), by Dietmar Webel for the Ground Zero Programme, Radio Corax, Germany, UKW 95.9 (in German), 2011.