14th december:  the new version of  I am  (2003-11), for electroacoustic sounds, is broadcast on Deutschlandradio at 00:05 am. Further details: Deutschlandradio Kultur


7th november: musica reservata (live world premiere of the complete cycle), Chamber Music Hall, University of Music, Stuttgart. Friederike Wild (piano).

5th november: the score of double gamesfor piano 4-hands, is published by Bellmannmusik, ISMN 979-0-50104-172-5


31st October: the score of Boann’s song for Celtic harp is published by Bellmannmusik

30th October: incidental, chant (3) (from musica reservata), Town Hall Stuttgart, 6pm. Friederike Wild (piano).

26th October: after silence (1), Freies Musikzentrum, Stuttgart, 8pm. John Palmer (piano & electronics), Heloise Ph. Palmer (percussion).

22nd October, 9pm: John Palmer Web Concert Part 2: musica reservata (world premiere of the complete cycle). Friederike Wild (piano).

21st October, 9pm: John Palmer Web Concert Part 1:  afterglowbeyond the bridge, transientse potessiglimpseafter silence (1)satori. Performers: Yujin Jung (fl), See Eon Kim (pno), Delphine Henriet (cello), Marie-Pierre Roy (soprano), Heloise Ph. Palmer (piano), Marco Bidin (harpsichord), John Palmer (piano & electronics).

Contemporanea Festival 2012: two streaming concerts on will take place on 21st and 22nd October at 9pm (ECT) featuring piano and chamber music by John Palmer.

20th October: transfiguration,  Freies Musikzentrum, Stuttgart, 8pm. Patrick Crossland (trombone), John Palmer (electronics).

12th october: incidental, chant (3) (from musica reservata), 7pm, Musikhaus Fischer, Schwäbisch-Hall. Friederike Wild (piano).

7th October: to the night (1), to the night (2) (from musica reservata), Kunstmuseum, Stuttgart. Heloise Ph. Palmer (piano).

7th October: Boann’s song,  Kunstmuseum, Stuttgart. Heloise Ph. Palmer (Celtic harp).


28th September: second path, incidental (from musica reservata) (world premiere), Musikhaus Fischer, Munich. Friederike Wild (piano).

26th September: to the night (1), to the night (2) (from musica reservata), Boann’s song, Steinweg Halle, Steinweg 24, Halle (Saale). Heloise Ph. Palmer.

23rd September: to the night (1), to the night (2) (from musica reservata), Boann’s song, KMS Carl Loewe, Halle (Saale), Germany. Heloise Ph. Palmer (piano).

22nd September: to the night (1), to the night (2) (from musica reservata), Pulsnitz Castle, Pulsnitz (Germany). Heloise Ph. Palmer (piano).

22nd September: Boann’s song (world premiere), Pulsnitz Castle, Pulsnitz (Germany). Heloise Ph. Palmer (Celtic harp).


new commission for Celtic harp by Heloise Ph. Palmer for her “Abide with me” programme. Title of the new work: Boann’s song.

double-games: the revision of the 10 piano pieces for piano 4-hands has been finished.


1st July: mémoires is broadcast on Radio France Musique at midnight.

17th June: mémoires is broadcast on Radio France Musique at midnight.


28th May: se potessi,  KMS Carl Loewe, Halle(Saale), 5pm. Maria-Clara Thiele (piano).

25th May: mémoires,  La Muse en circuit Festival 2012, Soirée Presque Rien, Arcueil, Paris.

23th May: se potessi,  Querfurt, Tränkstraße 17, 7pm. Maria-Clara Thiele (piano).

4th May: satori (world premiere), Chamber Musik Hall, University of Music of Stuttgart. Marco Bidin (harpsichord).


29th April: meditation 1 (world premiere), beyond the bridgetransient (world premiere of duo version),  Andreaskirche, Stuttgart. Delphine Henriet (cello), Marie-Pierre Roy (soprano), Maria-Clara Thiele (percussion), John Palmer (percussion & electronics).

New commission for a new work for percussion instruments by Andreaskirche, Stuttgart. Title of the new work: meditation 1.

The electronics of afterglow and after silence (1) have been revised and remixed in conjunction with the Stuttgart concerts and the streaming concert to take place in October 2012.


thereafter, a new work for organ and electronics commissioned by Marco Bidin and ALEA has been completed. The world premiere is planned for February 2013 at the University of Music of Stuttgart.



24th February: afterglow, University of Music, Stuttgart. Yujin Jung (fl), See Eon Kim (pno), John Palmer (electronics).


15th January: midnight doesn’t BEsecond pathto the night (1)to the night (2) (from musica reservata), Spitalsaal Musikschule Markgröningen, Germany. Friederike Wild (piano).

A new book on Sound and Music Perception for musicians is being written following a 12-year research period on the topic. The research includes an extensive catalogue of sound examples in music cognition and psychoacoustics spanning over four centuries.

The score of the piano collection children pieces has been published by the German publisher Bellmann Musik. The new score can be ordered directly from the publishers at