January 10th: three imaginary dialogues, Bechstein Centrum, Tübingen, Germany. Piano Duo Hayashizaki-Hagemann.

January 18th: of shadows unveiled, teatro comunale, Ferrara, Italy. Bateau-Lavoir Ensemble.

February 19th: eulogy (world premiere), muietic concert by Heloise Ph. Palmer, Sparkasse, Rathausstrasse 5, Halle, Germany.

March, 2nd: Drang: Norwegian Academy of Music, Oslo, Norway. Sergej Tchirkov.

March, 7th: eulogy, muietic concert by Heloise Ph. Palmer, Polnisches Institut, Markt 10, Leipzig, Germany.

March, 8th: eulogy, muietic concert by Heloise Ph. Palmer, Schloss Pulsnitz, Pulsnitz, Germany.

March, 9th: eulogy, muietic concert by Heloise Ph. Palmer, Auferstehungskirche, Bach-Saal, Dresden Plauen, Germany.

March, 28th: eulogy, muietic concert by Heloise Ph. Palmer, H95 Raum für Kultur, Basel, Switzerland.

April, 12th: three preludes, New Music Festival Kiev, Ukraine, Art Arsenal. Lorenzo Meo (piano).

24th April: new interview by Christian Morris

April, 27th: eulogy, muietic concert by Heloise Ph. Palmer, Gemeindehaus, Stuttgart-Uhlbach, Germany.

May, 5th: eulogy, muietic concert by Heloise Ph. Palmer, Kammermusiksaal, University of Music, Stuttgart, Germany.

May, 11th: I Am (three movements), broadcast on MaxRadio (including streaming), Vancouver, Canada at 12:00 am PT.

May, 12th: I Am (three movements), broadcast on MaxRadio (including streaming), Vancouver, Canada at 8:00 pm PT.

May, 30th: satori, Musik unserer Zeit, Carl von Ossietzky University, Oldenburg, Germany. Kristian Nyquist (harpsichord).

June 5th: three imaginary dialogues, Hochschule für Kirchenmusik, Tübingen, Germany. Piano Duo Hayashizaki-Hagemann.

June 19th: three haikus (world premiere), Hausherrenschule, Luisenplatz 2, Radolfzell, Germany. Jean-François Lagrost (shakuhachi).

June 28th: missing rhymes (world premiere), hieroglyphs (world premiere). Hock am Turm, Kammermusiksaal, University of Music, Stuttgart, Germany. Heloise Ph. Palmer (piano).

August 25th: silent / listen 1 (world premiere), 2014 Prague Shakuhachi Festival, Prague, Czech Republic. Jim Franklin and Jean François Lagrost (shakuhachis).

September 1st: new video by Heloise Ph Palmer including hieroglyphs. Each visual hieroglyph was created by Heloise Ph Palmer and corresponds to a musical hieroglyph.

September 20th: shambhala (world premiere), hieroglyphs, three preludes, manhattan, se potessi, eulogy, glimpse, and to the night (1), to the night (2), incidental (from musica reservata). Tempelgesellschaft, Stuttgart, Germany, 7.00pm. Heloise Ph. Palmer (piano).

September 24th: lecture at the New Music Festival Arena, Jazeps Vitols Latvian Music Academy, LMT Chamber Hall, in Riga, Latvia. 6pm.

September 25th: present otherness (world premiere), hieroglyphs, three preludes, manhattan, se potessi, eulogy, glimpse, shambhalato the night (1), to the night (2), incidental (from musica reservata). Heloise Ph. Palmer (piano), John Palmer (electronics), New Music Festival ArenaKanepes Culture Center, Riga, Latvia. 7pm.

September 26th: lecture at the White Piano Hall (Baltais Fligelis), 7pm, Sigulda, Latvia.

September 26th: se potessi, eulogy, incidental (from musica reservata). Heloise Ph. Palmer (piano). White Piano Hall (Baltais Fligelis), Sigulda, Latvia.

October, 6th: satori, Musik & Gegenwart, Kammermusiksaal HMT, Grassistrasse 8, Leipzig, Germany, 7.30pm. Kristian Nyquist (harpsichord).

November 14th: first path, almost midnight, second path, midnight doesn’t BE, to the night (1), to the night (2) (from musica reservata). Kammermusiksaal, University of Music, Germany. Agnese Toniutti (piano).

November 29th: Modern Art Ensemble plays John Palmer: transparence (world premiere), trans-solo 1 (wp), trans-solo 2, trans-solo 3 (wp), trans-solo 4, trans-solo 5 (wp), trans-solo 6 (wp). Konzerthaus, Berlin, 8pm. Modern Art Ensemble and John Palmer (electronics).

November, 30th: shambhala, hieroglyphs, three preludes, manhattan, se potessi, eulogy, glimpse, and to the night (1), to the night (2), incidental (from musica reservata). KMS Kammermusiksaal, 3pm, Halle, Germany. Heloise Ph. Palmer (piano).

December 27th: first path, almost midnight, second path, midnight doesn’t BE, to the night (1), to the night (2) (from musica reservata). Sala Edgar, Il Pifferario Magico, Fagagna (UD), Italy, 9pm. Agnese Toniutti (piano).