April 23rd 2021: Three Imaginary Dialogues, Spitalhofsaal Reutlingen, 8pm. Piano Duo Hayashikazi-Hagemann.

February 15th: Composition Masterclass at the University of Bangor, Wales, United Kingdom.

February 8th: Composition Masterclass at the California Institute of the Arts, Valencia, Los Angeles, USA.

February 4th 2021: The new score of Aria a 3 (for alto flute, vibraphone and piano) inspired by the Aria of the Goldberg Variations has just been published by Composers Edition.

January 2021: New commission by the 2021 Zwischen Zeiten Symposium for a new trio for flute, vibraphone and piano based on the Aria of J.S. Bach’s Goldberg Variations. The new piece will be performed by the Rumanian Trio Contraste. The premiere is scheduled to take place at the University of Music of Dresden Carl Maria von Weber in April 2021 and will be followed by a CD release featuring the Trio Contraste and a publication in a book on the Goldberg Variations project.

December 2020: I am honoured to see Claudie Reduron’s new picture “En écoutant Beyond the Bridge” (2020), on gouache and ink, inspired by my piece Beyond the Bridge, for cello and electronics (1993).

November: the newly edited score of Transitions, (2000) for violin, clarinet, cello and piano is published by Composers Edition.

October: the new score of Renge-Kyo, (1993) for piano and electronics, is published by Composers Edition.

September: the new score of Manhattan, (1989) for piano is published by Composers Edition.

July: new score of Still (for bass flute, 6- and 12-string guitar and viola) published by Composers Edition.

June: New score of Utopia (music theatre for six instruments) published by Composers Edition

June 26th 2020: Three Imaginary Dialogues, Musica Nova Festival, Kunstmuseum Spendhaus, Reutlingen. Piano Duo Hayashikazi-Hagemann. CANCELLED!

Mai 15th 2020: Utopia (world premiere of revised version) and I, Medusa. Viktoriia Vitrenko, John Palmer & Ensemble. Musica Nova Festival, Theater Die Tonne, Reutlingen. CANCELLED!

March 2020
Review of Conditional Action by Gavin Stewart on Pan – The Journal of the British Flute Society.

February 23rd 2020
First String Quartet (world premiere), Società Umanitaria di Milano, Salone degli Affreschi, Milan, Italy, 5pm. Alindequartett. CANCELLED!


February 17th
Three Imaginary Dialogues, Stiftskirche Tübingen, 5pm. Piano Duo Hayashikazi-Hagemann.

March 15th
Anagrams (world premiere), Musica Nova Festival, Reutlingen, Städtisches Kunstmuseum Spendhaus, 8pm. Vanessa Benelli Mosell (piano).

April 12th
Sounding the Day, Veronika Blech, Tübingen, Germany.

April 13th
Sounding the Day, Jessica Schlagmüller, Stuttgart, Germany.

April 13th
Sounding the Day, Anna Springer, Kirchdorf, Germany.

May 4th
Sounding the Day, Chiara Stadler, Sigmaringen, Germany.

May 17th
Sounding the Day, Claire Serra, Stuttgart, Germany.

May 17th
Vajra (world premiere), Zeitraumexit, Mannheim. Kristian Nyquist (harpsichord).

May 23rd
There, for String Orchestra and String Quartet (world premiere), Hofer Symphoniker with the Alindequartett cond. Johannes Klumpp. “Bauhaus im Konzert”. Rosenthal Theatre, 19:30, Selb, Germany.

May 24th
Fado, Jost Costa Piano Duo, Transmusica, Kulturraum “die flora”, 20:00, Florastrasse 26, Gelsenkirche, Germany.

June 10th
Pre-Performance Conversation with the Modern Art Ensemble in conjunction with the Berlin concert of June 13th.

June 13th
Spirits, Transference, Trans-solos 1-6, Modern Art Ensemble & John Palmer, Zeiss Großplanetarium, Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin. With starry sky projection – mit Sternenhimmel-Projektion.

June 14th
Three Girls, Salotto Musicala Favagna – Udine, Italy, Agnese Toniutti (piano).

August 30th
Anagrams (Italian premiere), Bari Piano Festival, Bari, Italy. Vanessa Benelli Mosell (piano).

September 2nd
Critica Classica, “Re di Donne” di John Palmer

September 5th
Radio 3 Suite – Panorama: i concerti e gli spettacoli in giro per l’Italia

September 6th, 7th, 8th
Re di Donne, Chamber Opera (world premiere), Teatro Caio Melisso, Spoleto, Italy. Commissioned by Teatro Lirico Sperimentale di Spoleto. Music by John Palmer. Libretto by Cristina Battocletti and John Palmer. Ensemble with electronics conducted by Vittorio Parisi. Stage Director: Alessio Pizzech. Costumes: Clelia De Angelis.

September 7th
Debutto dello Sperimentale: Un “Re di Donne” duro, repellente ma necessario. Vivo Umbria, Valentina Tatti Tonni.

September 7th
Pioggia di applausi per la prima di Re di Donne – Spoleto Online.

September 9th
INTERVISTÆ Re di Donne, a cura di Marcello Manuali

September 9th
About Art Online: Successo per la prima mondiale di Re Di Donne al Teatro Sperimentale di Spoleto by Claudio Listanti.

September 9th
Re di Donne al Caio Melisso, Il Giornale degli Umbri, Francesco Castellini.

15th September 2019 –
Re di Donne allo Sperimentale di Spoleto. Le Salon Musical interview with John Palmer

September 18th
Vajra, Radio Broadcast on SWR2 “Jetztmusik”, 11:30pm.

October 15th
Vajra (American premiere), Moore Musical Arts Center, Bowling Green State University, Ohio, USA. Kristian Nyquist (harpsichord).

October 17th
Three Imaginary Dialogues
Pädagogisches Fachseminar, Hertzstrasse 16, building 06.40, Karlsruhe, 6pm. Piano Duo Hayashikazi-Hagemann.

October 17th
Radio broadcast in Switzerland. Interview on Re di Donne with Cristina Battocletti and Carla Moreni on Swiss Radio RSI Rete 2 “Voi che sapete” programme, RSI Rete 2, Radio della Svizzera Italiana.––…

October 25th
I, Medusa (world premiere) for female voice, double bass and electronics, Kunstraum 34, Stuttgart. Viktoriia Vitrenko (voice), Nazar Stets (double bass), John Palmer (electronics).

John Palmer interview with Le Salon Musical on Re di Donne (in Italian)

November 1st: “Three imaginary dialogues” CD release for the 50 Years of the Musica Nova Festival in Reutlingen, Germany. The piece was recorded by the Hayashikazi-Hagemann Piano Duo. The CD is part of the “50 Jahre musica nova Reutlingen” booklet edited by Michael Hagemann and published by Wolke Verlag. ISBN 978-3-95593-121-6.

December 22nd
Shambhala (UK premiere), The Abbey, Sutton Courtenay, Abingdon, UK. 7:30pm. Késia Decoté (piano)

revision example of “Utopia” (1989) for the 2020 Musica Nova Festival
Pan – Journal of the British Flute Society, March 2020
Scenes from the premiere of “Re di Donne” at the Teatro Caio Melisso in Spoleto
Lada Bočková as Ivana
Martina (Miryam Marcone) with Frida (Daniela Nineva) and Rocco (Marco Rencinai)
Martina (Miryam Marcone) and Ivana (Lada Bočková)

John Palmer’s First Opera ‘Re di Donne’ Premieres in Italy this September

Centred on a fatal triangle of characters, John Palmer’s Opera Re di Donne (King of Women) will be premiered by the Teatro Lirico Sperimentale di Spoleto “A. Belli” at the Teatro Caio Melisso, Spoleto 6 – 8 September 2019.

The Zeiss Planetarium Berlin

June 2019 with the Modern Art Ensemble

World Premiere of “There”

May 2019 with the Hofer Symphoniker and the Alinde Quartet conducted by Johannes Klumpp