November, 29th: three imaginary dialogues (world premiere), 7 pm, Zehntscheuer in Rottenburg am Neckar, Germany. Piano Duo Hayashizaki-Hagemann.

November, 21st: crossing dialogues (world premiere), 7 pm, Staatsgalerie Stuttgart, Germany. Open Music Ensemble (vl, vc, vibraphone, pno).

November, 16th: mosaic (extracts), 8.30 pm, Theatre Marc Baron, Saint Mandrier au Mer, France. Marco Bidin (harpsichord).

November, 11th: mosaic (world premiere), 7pm, University of Music Stuttgart, Germany, Hall 3.01. Marco Bidin (harpsichord).

November, 10th: of shadows unveiled (world premiere), Chiesa San Lorenzo, Argenta, Italy. Bateau-Lavoir Ensemble (fl, bass cl, pno).

November, 2nd: Chant 3 (from musica reservata) (American 1st performance), 7.30 pm, Concert Saal, Cambridge. Massachusetts, USA. Heloise Ph. Palmer (piano).

  I am  in the temple

Two new CDs just released

October: Two epic acousmatic works, both commissioned by DeutschlandRadio in 2001 and 2006, have just been released on the Animato label.  Both CDs are available as downloads from amazon, itunes and any other e-shop worldwide. A limited CD edition is also available for libraries, studios and professionals. Please contact us directly for the CD order.

About I am: “…an extraordinary journey that took me into profound consciousness. The sounds are enthralling…”. (Jonathan Harvey, 2005).

About in the temple“Palmer has spent one year examining these extraordinary spaces. His composition follows the colours, lights and sounds of the temple, transforming its architecture, symbolism and acoustics into music”.  (DeutschlandRadioKultur, 2007)

“A sensation of the sacred… an oasis of space where sound flows in an atmosphere of profound meditation. The listener is projected onto a metaphysical dimension”. (Cristina Scuderi, Breathing Silence, 2011)

October, 2nd & 3rd: three girls, Boann’s Song, children pieces, 4pm, University of Music Stuttgart, Germany, for “OuverTüre”. Heloise Ph. Palmer (piano, Celtic harp).

September, 28th: Chant 3 (from musica reservata), 7pm, Tempelgesellschaft, Stuttgart. Heloise Ph. Palmer (piano).

September, 18th: Chant 3 (from musica reservata), 7pm, Kunstforum, Halle (Saale). Heloise Ph. Palmer (piano).

August: new commission of a new work from the Collettivo Bateau-Lavoir, Reggio Emilia, Italy.

June: new publisher Composers Edition

John Palmer’s scores and performance materials are now published and distributed by Composers Edition
19 works are already available on their website. More scores are on the way.

June, 29th: three girls (world premiere), Boann’s Song, children pieces, 5:30 pm, University of Music Stuttgart, Germany, “Hock am Turm”. Heloise Ph. Palmer (piano, Celtic harp).
June, 6th: se potessi, part of a muïetic concert by HP Palmer, Silchersaal, Museum Tübingen, Germany. Heloise Ph. Palmer (piano).
May: The score of three girls has been published by the German publisher Bellmann Musik. The new score can be ordered directly from the publisher at

May, 15th: over, 7 pm, University of Music Mannheim, Chamber Music Hall, Germany. Theo Flindell (violin).


Musica Reservata
Musica Reservata

musica reservata – Animatorecords
musica reservata – new CD released on the Animato label – Friederike Wild, piano 

“Intuitively and unconsciously John Palmer’s piano music infiltrates open space, steadily floating on an invisible path as if gradually opening, by its inner balance and intimacy, a transcending universe in which it merely exists. This is refreshing music that detaches itself from the many historical and material-related connections that are standing in the way of inspired composing.”  (Hans Christian von Dadelsen)

April: new commission of a new work from the Piano Duo Shoko Hayashizaki – Michael Hagemann.

April: new commission of a new work for violin, cello, percussion and piano from Open Music, Stuttgart.

April, 26th: children pieces (world premiere), Boann’s Song, 2 pm, Musikschulkongress 2013, Konzert- und Kongresshalle Bamberg, Germany. Heloise Ph. Palmer (piano, Celtic harp).

April 17th: three preludes, part of a muïetic concert by HP Palmer, Wilhelm-v-Klewitz-Str. 11, Halle (Saale). Heloise Ph. Palmer.

April 14th: three preludes, part of a muïetic concert by HP Palmer, KMS Carl Loewe, Halle (Saale), Germany. Heloise Ph. Palmer (piano).

April 13th: three preludes (world premiere), part of a muïetic concert by HP Palmer, Pulsnitz Castle, Pulsnitz (Germany). Heloise Ph. Palmer (piano).

March, 2th: fado, Martinskirche, 6.30 pm, Sindelfingen (Germany). Macht und Ohnmacht Festival. Duo Jost-Costa (piano).

February, 20th: thereafter (world premiere), Concert Hall, University of Music, Stuttgart (Germany). Marco Bidin (organ), John Palmer (electronics).

January, 23th: Midnight doesn’t BE (from musica reservata), part of a muïetic concert by HP Palmer, Merseburg, Germany. Heloise Ph. Palmer (piano).

January, 22nd: drang, BKA, Berlin, Germany. Sergej Tchirkov (accordion).

January, 20th: Midnight doesn’t BE (from musica reservata), part of a muïetic concert by Heloise Ph. Palmer, KMS Carl Loewe, Halle (Saale), Germany. Heloise Ph. Palmer (piano).