August 11th, 2022: Lux Ardens, Kalv Festival, Kalv, Sweden, 7pm. Christina Meissner (cello).

July 22nd, 2022: Three Imaginary Dialogues, Musica Nova Festival, Kunstmuseum Reutlingen. Piano Duo Hayashikazi-Hagemann.

July 8th 2022: Lux Ardens, Ev.-Lutherische Kirchengemeinde, Nibüll, Germany, 7pm. Christina Meissner (cello).

July 7th 2022: Lux Ardens, St. Nicolai Kirche, Wyk auf Föhr, Germany, 8pm. Christina Meissner (cello).

July 3rd 2022: Lux Ardens, Städtische Galerie Harderbastei, Ingolstadt, Germany, 12pm. Christina Meissner (cello).

June 30th 2022: Lux Ardens, St. Petri Kirche, Wolgast, Germany, 8pm. Christina Meissner (cello).

June 28th 2022: Lux Ardens, Kirche, Altenkirchen/Rügen, Germany, 8pm, Christina Meissner(cello).

April 30th 2022: Lux Ardens, Elisabeth am See, Caputh, Germany, 5pm. Christina Meissner (cello).

March 10th, 2022: The scores of the educational pieces Double Games (4-hands piano), Children’s Pieces (piano), Three girls (piano) and Boann’s Song (Celtic harp) are now officially published by Composers Edition.

March 9th, 2022: Lux ArdensChristina Meissner (cello). Galerie Profil, Weimar, Germany, 7.30pm.

March 5th, 2022: Lux Ardens (world premiere). Speyer Cathedral, a UNESCO world heritage basilica founded in AD 1030.  Christina Meissner (cello). Lux Ardens is the opening piece of a cycle of new works for cello dealing with the notion of light, and inspired by the visions of medieval mystic Hildegard of Bingen.

February 24th, 2022: Trans-solo 5Brandenburgischer Verein Neue Musik, Kunstverein KunstHaus, Potsdam, Germany, 7pm. Klaus Schöpp (flute).