conditional action

for two flutes

2016   5'   pub: Composers Edition

Properly conceived, action should be understood as a cognitive-affective-conative-expressive-performative vector, with a form, content, mood, style and efficacy of its own.” In his book Dialectic The Pulse of Freedom, the philosopher Roy Bhaskar argues extensively about his theory of dialectics also known as critical realism. If music is indeed philosophy, this is one of the most musical books ever written: an enthralling quest for self-knowledge calling for uncompromising social, ethical and political awareness. The morphological conditions to be set constantly anew: a lifetime argument!

The world premiere of conditional action took place at the Risuonanze 2016 Festival in Tricesimo (Udine), Italy, on 29th May 2016 and was performed by Fosca Briante and Tiziano Cantoni.

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