December 4th: performances of April 29th 1989, second path (world premiere), to the night (1), to the night (2) (from musica reservata) by Friederike Wild at the Kunstmuseum, Stuttgart, Germany. 

November 29th: mémoires (world premiere) is diffused by John Palmer at the GRM Studio 116, Radio France, Paris, France.

November 5th:  to the night (1) and to the night (2) (from musica reservata) are performed by Maria-Clara Thiele at the Stadthaus in Halle/Saale, Germany. 

October: the latest acousmatic work mémoires has been awarded with the 2011 Presque Rien Prize in Paris. The ceremony and world premiere will take place at the GRM, Radio France, in Paris on 29th November.

September 18th: se potessi is perfomed by Maria-Clara Thiele in the Church of Gollma, Gollma, Germany. 

September 11th: the world premiere of se potessi is performed by Maria-Clara Thiele (piano) in the Church of Gollma, Germany, for the Tag des offenen Denkmals. 

September 9th: an interview focused on the world premiere of se potessi is broadcast on Radio Corax, Germany, UKW 95.9, in the programme Ground Zero at 3.10pm. See brodcast details

September 8th: drang is performed by Sergej Tchirkov  at the  International Academy of Moscow, Tchaikowsky City, Russia. 

September 7th: Three Cadenzas on Mozart; the world premiere of two Cadenzas are performed by Maria-Clara Thiele at the Kunstforum Halle, Halle/Saale, Germany. 

September: a new work for tape entitled mémoires has been recently written for the Presque Rien Association in Paris using exclusively sounds by the late composer Luc Ferrari.

Breathing Silence. An interview with John Palmer
musicologist Cristina Scuderi has interviewed John Palmer early this year. The interview is focused on the electro-acoustic output of the composer and has just been published in English on the Musica/Tecnologia Journal by the Firenze University Press. The complete interview can also be read online: Breathing Silence. An interview with John Palmer

Juli 22nd: April 29th 1989 and to the night (2) (from musica reservata) are performed by Mahela Reichstatt at the University of Music, Stuttgart, Germany. 

Juli 22nd: from the lake is performed by Riisa Sojima (oboe) and John Palmer (piano) at the University of Music, Stuttgart, Germany. 

June: a new work for piano entitled se potessi has been completed. Se potessi was commissioned by the State Library of Cremona, Italy and is based on a poem by Leopoldo Verona. 

June 22nd: to the night (1), to the night (2), chant 1, chant 3 (from musica reservata) are performed by Maria-Clara Thiele at the Saalesparkasse, Halle (Saale), Germany. 

June 7th: to the night (1), to the night (2), chant 3 (from musica reservata) performed by Maria-Clara Thiele at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Tel Aviv, Israel.

May 14th: " it flies..."  is diffused by John Palmer at the Stiftgymnasium Sindelfingen, Germany. 

May 14th: a selection from musica reservata is performed by Domingos Costa at the Stiftgymnasium Sindelfingen, Germany.

May 4th: glimpse is performed by Maria-Clara Thiele at the Saalesparkasse, Rathausstraße 5, Halle (Saale), Germany. 

May 4th: to the night (1) (from musica reservata) is performed by Maria-Clara Thiele at the Saalesparkasse, Rathausstraße 5, Halle (Saale), Germany. 

March: new CD recording. Transference, for flute, clarinet, violin, cello and piano, has been recorded on CD by the Italian ensemble InterensembleThe CD has been released by the Italian label Taukay.

February 16th: trans-solo 4 is performed by cellist Matias de Oliveira Pinto at the Brandenburger Theater, Brandenburg, Germany. 

February 15th: the world premiere of trans-solo 4 is performed by cellist Matias de Oliveira Pinto at the Unerhörte Musik, BKA-Theater, Berlin, Germany.

January 19th: transference is performed by the Modern Art Ensemble at the Konzerthaus, Berlin, Germany.